B for Beautiful Budapest

Back in 2012 I joined the Erasmus Student Network in Pilsen mainly because I heard they organise trip to Budapest. Unfortunately, since that year the trip was cancelled . It turned out to be fun anyway to be part of ESN, but I had to wait another 6 year to visit Budapest. And my long waiting was rewarded by an amazing time I had in this tempting city with the best company. 

Széchenyi Chain Bridge and Buda castle at night
Fisherman's Bastion
View on the Parlament from the Fisherman's Bastion

I had seen many pictures from Budapest before, so I was not extremely surprised, but I would still enjoy amazing views and take my bucket photo of the Hungarian parlament. Just like many other cities, Budapest is reveals it´s biggest beauty at night. And when you get tired of the stunning architecture, you can move on to the ruin bars. Hungarians mastered art of converting anything possible and impossible into a bar. Unique experience guaranteed. 

Our accommodation was near to St. Stephen's Basilica, nice and central
Heroes Square pays tribute to important Hungarian national leaders
My Bucket list picture - Hungarian parlament by the nightfall