Holidays in Rome

After meeting so many people from Italy and having tasted countless types of pizza, I was really tempted to finally visit this country. Yet I had to wait until this year for the opportunity. And we directly opted for the capital, Rome. The city is generally very pretty. And when you realise, you are on the very same place where one of the biggest empires ever existed, Roman Empire, rose more than 2000 years ago, you are truly mesmerised. 

Roman Forum
The one and only, Colosseum

Therefore visiting the Roman Forum and neighbouring Palatino is more than recommended. When you saw Colosseum, I understood why is it one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  I will never understand, how something so majestic was built without modern technology.

Another thing to admire in Rome is the Italian cousine. We were well aware of that and we dedicated to this cause great amount of time and energy 🍕.  

Sunset on top of the Altare della Patria
Spanish Steps
Saints follow your each step
The State of Vatican

We actually also visited another country – Vatican. But we left faster, than we arrived. This place is a spit in the face of all the Christian modesty and humility. No way we wanted to contribute to this so we left to have some more delicious Pizza and pasta. 

Colosseum at night

Grateful we were not hit by any car in the messy Italian traffic, we returned home full of new experiences and most importantly, a bag full of parmigiano.