Mexico Lindo

Mexico Lindo was actually the name of our favourite restaurant in Tulum, but it also expresses my over all experience there. Mexico is indeed beautiful. I spent one week traveling around Riviera Maya and another week working in Mexico city. Well, I let you guess which part was my favourite. 

Ruins in Sian Ka'an natural reservation
Tulum Mayan Ruins

The biggest attractions of Riviera Maya are the beaches, Cenotes (cave lakes with crystal clear turquoise water) and Mayan ruins. Renting a car is the best option how to reach the most beautiful sites. These are those, that were particularly wort it for me:

1) Driving to Sia Ka’an

You will find various web sites discouraging you from driving standard car into the wild track (and rather suggest buying pricy guided trip). And they are mostly right, it may be risky. But when the road is dry, it is feasible and so worth it. It is basically the only place around the Riviera Maya, where you can find accessible natural beaches. If you are little lucky, you can spot some exotic animals.

2) Gran Cenote

Unlike the number 1, this is the most safe thing you can do around Tulum. This natural cave lake is well prepared for tourists and very comfortable. You can spend the entire day there, chill in the hammock and swim in the cave with turtles, protected from the scorching sun. Despite having a lot of artificial facilities, the place is still glorious and generally well maintained. 

3) Coba instead of Chichen Itza

Iconic Mayan ruins Chichen Itza are so popular that “all the tourists from entire Yucatan go there every day”. Simply put, it gets very crowded.  As a consequence, you can only observe the pyramids from distance. In Coba, we were able to experience the pyramids almost alone and actually climb on their top or enter some of ruins. 

Turquoise waters of Casa Cenote are also home of a medium sized crocodile
If you look closer, you will see the crocodile
Remote Beach in Sian Ka'an reservation
Certainly victim of the Pirates of Caribbean

We have visited few more Cenotes and every each of them was worth it. Unfortunately, the beaches were full of sargasso. To get to a clean beach, we had to go to the Island of Cozumel.  It ended up being very nice experience and despite the ferry felt very touristic, on the island it self, the life seemed being very relaxed and I finally felt like in Caribbean. 

 One week in Tulum passed quickly and we moved to the Capital. Mexico city is one of the biggest cities in the world and comes with all the perks like pollution,  poverty etc. We had a good time there and the historical centre with the majestic metropolitan cathedral was worth seeing. On the other hand we had to be constantly conscious that this metropole can swallow you and never spit you out. 

Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City
Mexico City never sleeps