Summer in Portugal

After two incredibly long years I could again jump in some salty water.  I could´t care less that it had only 17 degrees. Yes, the ocean stays really cold even in super hot Augusts in the north of Portugal. 

Praia de Barra

But before I could do so, I had to head north to catch the plane. At least I took advantage of this detour and finally visited Wroclaw.  The city center is beautiful, and the dwarfs are a nice touch. 

Typical houses on Wroclaw´s Rynek
One of Wroclaw´s dwarfs.

Back to Portugal, I was excited to take some breathtaking pictures of the marvellous Portuguese coast. Unfortunately, when I finally took the camera out, a yellow dark sand cloud came from Sahara. So at least we enjoyed some summer festivals. There is constantly some celebrations  in some of the towns around you in the summer.

Sunset on Praia da Vagueira some years ago
Sun disappearing 3 hours before sunset in sandy fog Praia da Vagueira this year
These guys pulled out amazing show