Spring Trips around Prague

As soon as the spring weather came and it was possible to stay outside for a little longer without freezing to death, we started to think about some trips around Prague. We wanted to visit the most popular touristic places before the season fills them up. First trip lead us to Kutná Hora. This little town placed about 60 km east from Prague is full of contrast. Not talking only about the bizarre Ossuary in the Church of All Saints. Also the huge catedral of St. Barbara is not matching the size and character of the small town. And the catedral was going to be twice as big! Fortunately, they run out of silver. The historical center could proudly compete with Prague downtown. Not only with the historical charm, but also with the price of a beer.
Are we still in France? No, it´s Kutná Hora.
Blooming streets of Kutná Hora.
The panorama of Kutná Hora with St. Barbora catedral in the background.
Next time we practically stayed in Prague and visited Château Troja, got little lost in its garden and took some pictures there. It was a nice and peaceful afternoon.
Château Troja
We just couldn´t skip Český Krumlov, the jewel of South Bohemia. We got lost in the narrow streets of the historical central part to realise, that it is not possible to get lost there, because it is just too small. So we climbed to the castle and took the typical picture of the peninsula surrounded by the Vltava river. Chilled in a park and returned back to the train, which was quite a hike from the center. Travelling around – ✅ checked. Next stop ocean coast 🌊🏄‍♂️.
Ossuary of Kutná Hora with its bizarre installations combining bones and angels.
View on the red roofs of Český Krumlov through the castle walls.
Český Krumlov is locked on a peninsula by the longest river of Czech Republic, Vltava.