Winter in Prague

This winter was in name of job hunt for me. Establishing myself in Prague seemed easy but it was just like anywhere else, full of challenges. I am glad I was not alone for it.
Frozen on an icy lake
The end of the winter was freaking cold. Some said “Mother Russia was visiting” and indeed it felt like Siberia. It was hard to take some pictures as my fingers were numb. When little bit of spring finally arrived, we decided to go witness the sunrise from the Charles Bridge. Unfortunately, there was no sunrise that morning. Still, the atmosphere of empty Charles Bridge under lights was magical.
Charles Bridge during the dawn
Only after I learned that taking pictures on the bridge is highly restricted and to film there you should have a permit for 10 000 euro. When the temperature rose and trees turned pink and green, we dared to travel a little more around and outside of Prague.
My very first picture after I moved to Prague
Spring is in the town